General Toy Catalogs

The Catalog Shop (More than 400 catalogs to choose from! Lots of fun catalogs for children.)

Dr. Toys Guide (Welcome to Dr. Toy's Guide: the first site to provide the latest information on the best toys, educational products, plus articles, resources, and many links.)

Lets Learn and Play (Our toys also serve a very special purpose. We are aware of the limited availability of toys for special needs children. Let's Learn & Play address the particular needs of children whose movements are affected by disability..)

Special Needs and Adaptive Equipment

Abilitations (Welcome to Abilitations. We are a catalog company whose primary focus is serving the needs of individuals with special needs. We accomplish this in a variety of ways including but not limited to our catalog and Thera-Talk. Our product mix focuses on movement, positioning, sensorimotor, exercise, aquatics and play. We unconditionally guarantee every product sold for up to one year.)

Autism and Developmental Delay Resource Catalog (Come check out our Potty Training, Toys, Books, Videos, Vitamins & Food Substitutes & more.)

Different Roads To Learning (GREAT STUFF!! Different Roads to Learning is an on-line catalog specializing in learning materials and playthings for children with developmental delays and challenges. This catalog puts together educational toys and materials that stimulate the skills leading to speech and language for challenged children ages 2 to 10.)

Disability and Medical Resource Mall (Welcome to the Disability and Medical Resource Mall an internet gateway Web site founded and developed in 1997 by the disabled for the purpose of providing information on products and resources available to the disabled, handicapped, physically challenged, elderly, caregivers and health care professionals and providers.) (Tons and tons of stuff, you will be amazed at the vendors and products they have.)

Dragonfly Toy Company (For Children With Special Play Needs. Companies Mission:To act, as a company and each as individuals, in the manner most likely to achieve our stated goals as they relate to all persons who may have special needs or persons who may be involved in the care, education, rehabilitation, or befriending of persons who may have special needs.)

Made by Mom Creations - The Portacom System (The company's main purpose is designing and distributing communication and scheduling solutions to enhance the independant functioning and quality of life for children and adults with a wide range of abilities. Made by Mom Creations is a home based business operated by the parents of children with multiple disabilities.)

OT Ideas inc. (OT Ideas - Unique products designed by occupational therapists to help young children develop fine motor and visual motor skills. Products are for OT practitioners, teachers, and parents.) (Has an online catalog)

Picture Exchange Communication System (Pyramid Educational Products is dedicated to providing educational materials to ensure that families, educators and students have the materials needed to use communication skills in their everyday  schedules and lives. We continue to develop products that  will enrich not only the student's lives but also the lives  of those who have dedicated their lives to  teaching these students.)

Pocket Full of Therapy "Pediatric and School-based Therapy Products and Toys" (PFOT, while still a small company, continues to grow and work hard to meet your needs. It was conceived and established in 1989 by us, Michelle Tobias and Ilene Goldkopf, and yes we are Occupational Therapists. Our initial goal was, and still is, to assist Occupational Therapists and others, concerned with the development of children, find the unique materials needed to provide effective, appropriate, motivating and fun, pediatric therapy and learning. That's why the catalog is arranged into catagories pertinent to develpment. This makes classroom, home programs and gift giving recommendations easier for you.) (Great, great, great check it out!)

Sensory Comfort "Making Life More Comfortable for Children and Adults with Sensory Processing Differences" (If you have sensitive senses, then we are the catalog company for you! Sensory Comfort sells products for children and adults who have sensory processing differences (also called Sensory Integrative Dysfunction or tactile/sensory defensiveness). Our products are carefully chosen for individuals who are:hypersensitive (overly-sensitive) to touch, sound, smell, movement,  and/or visual stimuli hyposensitive (under-sensitive) to these same types of stimuli hypersensitive to some types of stimuli and hyposensitive to others. Sensory Comfort is where you'll find: socks without uncomfortable toe-seams, headphones that really reduce noise level, toys to delight the senses, tactile bath towels, the latest informational books and cassettes about, sensory processing differences and sensory integration,plus lots more! (Sorry broken record but this is great,great,great also!!)

Sensory Resources (Used to be Belle Curve) (Thank you for visiting the Sensory Resources website. Make us your first choice for answers on sensory integration and sensory processing. We specialize in sensory issues, and we are dedicated to providing you with: * High quality* Excellent service* Reasonable prices* Practical, useful, and accurate information If you came to our website from Belle Curve Records, we want to extend a special welcome. Sensory Resources acquired the excellent Belle Curve product line, and we look forward to providing excellent service and more selection to all of the customers of Belle Curve. If you are concerned with any aspect of sensory integration, please add this site to your favorites and visit us often. We will be introducing many new products over the next several months, as well as conferences featuring the latest information on sensory issues. )

Southpaw Enterprises Inc.'s (Thanks for coming to our web site. We hope you find it interesting, enjoyable, and an overall learning experience. Southpaw Enterprises is a manufacturer of Sensory Integration and Neuro- Developmental Products for the therapeutic professional and special needs person.As most of you already know it is difficult to find a centralized source of reference for materials about autism, ADD, ADHD, sensory integration therapy, and other neurodevelopmental disorders. We hope we can provide you with basic information that will serve as a foundation for additional learning about these disorders.) (As of 10/5/99 their catalog their catalog was not yet on-line but you can still contact them for a "real" catalog.

Stages Learning Materials (Stages Learning Materials offers parents, professionals, and educators the Language Builder Picture Card set as a tool to help teach key language concepts to preschool age children, children with speech and language disorders, and children with developmental delays. This is a comprehensive set of picture cards that will work together as your child's cognitive and language skills progress from beginning to more advanced stages.) (Their photos are really excellant)

The Therapy Shoppe (The extraordinary little specialty shoppe for school and pediatric therapists, teachers, and parents too.)

Toy Catalogs for Special Needs Children (Please note, this listing is merely a compilation of catalogs; it does not constitute an endorsement of any of the companies or products listed.)

Learning Materials

A long horizon learning materials (Welcome to A Long Horizon Online Catalog for Teaching Tools, Quality Toys and Homeschool Supplies!)

Bright Apple Online (Welcome to Bright Apple Online. Your one-stop shopping source for special education and basic skills materials.)

Evan Moore cheap supplies(The Evan-Moore Parent/Teacher web site offers educational materials for children in pre-kindergarten through the sixth grade. All materials are teacher written and teacher tested. All the basics are covered: reading, writing, math, social studies, science, and art.)

Games2Learn (Games2Learn™, also known as A Better Way of Learning, develops, markets and provides children and adults with quality, fun, interactive educational products designed to increase their skills in language, math and general knowledge in an entertaining way. Our driving goal and corporate philosophy is to better the quality of life for all learners by increasing their confidence while learning in the most effective way, when it is fun! ) (Makers of the "Phonics Game")

Lakeshore (Today Lakeshore is a multimillion-dollar company with a growing network of retail stores, and a successful mail-order business that serves teachers, parents and children all over the globe. Lakeshore offers a wide variety of top-quality educational products, from furniture & art materials to puzzles, hands-on learning kits...even products that focus on multiculturalism and special needs.)

Lets Learn ("Let's Learn" is your complete source of educational materials and school supplies for the classroom and home. The "Let's Learn" retail stores are stocked full with the very best learning resources and teaching supplies available today! Enjoy a vast selection of products from manufacturers like Schaffer and Carson.)

School Specialty (School Specialty is the largest supplier of non-textbook educational materials and furniture for pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade, offering over 60,000 items to school administrators and teachers.)

Small Fry Productions. Childrens Educational Learning Videos (Baby's First Impressions is a fun educational video designed to help infants and toddlers learn their educational basics (Shapes, Colors, Letters, Numbers, etc.) It's different than any other video, because it uses real objects and other children's faces that a child can relate to in his or her environment. We do not use computer animation or puppets, but rather simple objects that each child can understand in a fun and exciting way. This encourages interaction with your child, instead of being a passive viewer. As a result, this teaching technique ensures a solid learning connection with your child. Many Parents have called us back to tell us how quickly their children learn from these videos and how much smarter they are than their peers. Each video is 32 minutes in length and is professionally produced. The series has won over 10 National Awards including The Family Channel Seal of Approval and was chosen "Best Video of the Year" by Child Magazine. Babies really LOVE this video! It holds their attention for the entire length and they absorb information quickly. It inspires and educates by using bright colors, familiar objects, positive music and soft reassuring voices. Each learning section of the video is followed by a fun, interactive "Play" section, where children learn by example. The videos repeat objects on the screen several times and it has a good balance of both objects and children's faces. This helps children to quickly absorb information, while they have hours of fun learning. This continuing video series is a vital part of your child's early cognitive skills and brain development. Give your child an early start, because First Impressions last a lifetime! (Check this site out great videos!! My son loves the sounds one, I bought mine at Zany Brainy)

Books and Miscellaneous Resources

Autism Asperger Publishing Company

The Autism Society of North Carolina Bookstore ( The Autism Society of North Carolina Bookstore is the largest autism-specific bookstore in the United States. Simply put, "autism books are what we do." )

The Bipolar Child - A book about Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder (The Bipolar Child: The Definitive and Reassuring Guide to Childhood's Most Misunderstood Disorder)

Future Horizons (Future Horizons-the largest publisher of books on autism in the world .As there are many different people with autism, different things are going to work. We believe strongly that parents and providers are the best judges of the best treatment, once exposed to the options and ideas available.)

Imaginart (Functional Materials for Professionals, Parents and Caregivers for Infant through Elderly Clients.)(CHECK IT OUT! LOTS of speech/language materials)

Inclusion Press International (Inclusion Press is a small independent press striving to produce readable, accessible, user-friendly books and resources about full inclusion in school, work, and community. Our books are excellent resources for courses and conferences.)

Woodbine House (Woodbine House publishes The Special-Needs Collection, a series of almost 50 books on disabilities and related topics, including ADD, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, learning disabilities, spina bifida, early intervention, inclusion, special education, and more. Since 1985 we’ve prided ourselves on publishing books of the highest quality and value for parents, children, therapists, health care providers, and teachers.)

Special Diet Food Resources

Celiac Disease Webring ("The sites on the Celiac Disease Webring provide information and support to people with Celiac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis, and resources for living a gluten free lifestyle.") (I know this is not a product catalog but included it as it currently has 42 sites on its webring.)

Ener-G Foods,Inc.

The Gluten Free Mall ("Congratulations, you have found the only "one-stop shop" on the Internet for special dietary foods! Here you can purchase and have delivered to your door a huge variety of gluten-free, wheat-free, soy-free, egg-free and dairy/casein-free items from many outstanding companies -- all at one Internet site, and all with one simple, secure purchase!. On-line special diet shopping for those on gluten-free, wheat-free and milk-free diets due to celiac disease, autism or other reasons.")

Gluten Free Delights

The Gluten-Free Pantry

Gluten Solutions (Welcome to Gluten Solutions! We are your complete online resource if you have wheat allergies, an intolerance to gluten, Celiac Disease, or any other medical condition that requires the removal of wheat and gluten from your diet.)

Kinnikinnick Foods

Pamela's Products (Indulge Yourself! You'll never guess they're Wheat-Free)

Miss Roben's

Vitamin and Supplement Resources

HeartCoreWellness This site is really about fortifying your immune system...optimizing your health... and you feeling better and better. (No financial interest whatsoever but it has HELPED my son!)

Kirkman Laboratories "Scientific Nutrition for Autism and PDD. (makers of nu-thera)

International Antiaging-Systems (Welcome to the official IAS Website. Here you will discover a unique collection of pharmaceutical health products of the very highest quality. IAS concentrates on the drugs, hormones and nutriceuticals that comprise the tip of the optimal health pyramid - the orthomolecular or so-called ๑anti-aging medicine.๎ After more than 8 years, our expertise in these products is extensive and we are both recognised and highly regarded within this new-expanding field of the ultimate preventative medicine. IAS is a highly specialised organization and while we are unable to offer medical advice, we do provide a wealth of educational information in the form of independent book stockists and contacts to other clubs and societies etc. The IAS Website will provide you with further educational information about aging prevention, longevity and mental enhancement, and we hope that you will visit it regularly and use it as an informative reference tool. You will also discover that you can place orders at our easy-to-use Webstore.) (I have ordered from them several times in the past when I was unable to get something in the States, ie.they have piracetam available to order.)

The Life Extension Foundation (The Foundation provides its members with information and access to the finest, most advanced therapies in the world to prevent and treat premature aging and the diseases of aging. We maintain a large, comprehensive data base of information, protocols and research findings from physicians and scientists around the world. This data base is being constantly updated by weekly sweeps of the latest medical research findings, feedback from hundreds of innovative physicians and scientists, and from surveys of our membership.) (They do have some really good information at this site!)

Mother Natures General Store ( will offer the best possible selection of top quality natural products, priced to present superior value. Our products are not tested on animals. We care deeply about the health of the planet and will support those companies that follow environmentally sound production and packaging practices. Our buyers will favor products that support a healthy planet and a healthy body-especially certified-organic herbs, cosmetics, and foods.) (Have an encyclopedia section where you can look up more information on products)

Smart Basics (Grown into a unique mail order business committed to providing our customers with the finest herbal and state-of-the-art nutriceutical formulas. We carry only the highest quality supplements, all of which are backed by our unconditional, satisfaction guaranteed, full refund policy. Many of the products we sell are available only in Europe or through our company.) (They have a nice newletter, some good search options for information on products, one of the "biggies" in the company has a child with autism. Products are a bit pricier than the exact same products at some other sources though. I have liked them in the past as they get the new stuff first and I like their newsletter.) (SupplementWatch, Inc. is a privately held corporation consisting of a small group of scientists, physiologists, nutritionists and other health professionals dedicated to educating people about the pros and cons of dietary supplementation. The SupplementWatch™ service was started in 1999 in response to the growing public confusion surrounding nutrition in general and dietary supplements in particular. Our aim is try to clear up some of the confusion surrounding dietary supplements and provide visitors to our site with timely, relevant and balanced advice to help them make informed decisions)

Vitamin Shoppe (400+ quality brands* The unparalleled selection our customers count on* Affordable prices for the health- and value-conscious consumer* Everything you need, from A to Z - more than 18,000 items!* An established company our customers have trusted since 1977 * VitaminShoppe's own brand of products, backed by 20 years of experience * A complete product lineup of natural vitamins and nutritional food supplements) (This is my favorite place to order supplements,always running 20-40% off products each month, have a frequent buyer program, a good reputable mail order company, has a large monthly catalog you can request also.)