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BioMedNet (The Internet Community for Biological and Medical Researchers)

Daily Diffs ( Web page change monitoring. Daily Diffs monitor changes on tens of thousands of pages, all hand-selected for quality and usefulness. Every day, we publish brand new changes and history for over 4,000 dynamic pages. All Daily Diffs links were verified within the past 24 hours. ) (this is a GREAT service with search capabilities in all kinds of topics and categories!)

Doctor's Guide to the Internet (Doctor's Guide to the Internet is brought to you by P\S\L Consulting Group Inc. an organisation dedicated to providing the information and information services most likely to help promote the informed and appropriate use of medicines by health care professionals and organisations as well as by the people to whom they are prescribed.) (Great place for information)

EducatorsNet (The World's #1 Education Search Engine  Over 8000 Reviewed Listings and Growing!)

Frontiers in BIOSCIENCE: A Journal and Virtual Library (Frontiers in Bioscience is a non-profit organization whose mission is fostering science, education and research.)

Government Guide (Aol Presents Government Services Made Easy)

Hardin Meta Directory (This directory of Internet health sources, updated weekly, is provided by the University of Iowa's Hardin Library for the Health Sciences. It contains a comprehensive index of health and medical information, ranging from AIDS to toxicology. This is among the most comprehensive medical sites on the Internet. It is a list of lists--large, medium and small. Spend some time here and you can locate some of the best and most accurate medical information available.)

Health A to Z The Source for Health and Medicine (HealthAtoZ is a comprehensive, well-integrated health and medical resource developed by healthcare professionals. HealthAtoZ's aim is to partner with consumers so that every individual and family can better manage their health. HealthAtoZ includes a suite of Web sites, interactive tools, community tools, and information centers)

MARTINDALE'S * THE REFERENCE DESK (Incredible reference resource for ALL kinds of stuff!!!)

Martindale's Health Science Guide (A "Multimedia Specialized Information Resource" currently containing over 56,500 teaching files; over 127,000 Medical Cases; 1,075 Multimedia Courses/Textbooks; 1,510 Multimedia Tutorials; over 3,570 Databases, and over 10,400 Movies (If you can’t find a reference here to something you are looking for - you can probably forget it! This guy covers all the bases in just about everything, an absolute must see!!)


Medscape (Medscape's Professional Site Medscape's professional site, guided by many of the world's leading physicians and health care experts, is already an established leader in providing clinicians and other health care professionals with the timely and authoritative information they need to better serve their patients and practices. Medscape makes the clinician's task of information-gathering simpler, more fruitful, and less time-consuming; and delivers to a broad medical audience clinical information with the depth, breadth, and validity needed to improve the practice of medicine. Through Medscape's professional site, we offer specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals a robust and integrated multi-specialty medical information and education tool. You may choose a personal Medscape home page from an assortment of specialties, primary care medicine, and nonclinical areas such as Money & Medicine. After a simple, one time, free registration, Medscape automatically delivers to you the specialty page you choose. Medscape is built around practice-oriented content. Each specialty page pools, filters, and delivers pertinent, continually updated content from tens of thousands of medical journal articles, expert-authored state-of-the-art surveys in disease management, Next-Day Summaries from major medical meetings, and more. All of Medscape's articles are Web-enhanced and cross linked for online browsing and smart information retrieval. All the content can also be easily downloaded and printed if you prefer to do your reading offline.) ( I LOVE Medscape!!)

Medical/Health Sciences Libraries on the Web (The Hardin Library for the Health Sciences at the University of Iowa offers access to a worldwide collection of medical and healthcare libraries. This site is a goldmine for the medically curious. It features links from the 50 states and international libraries from Argentina to Trinidad. It is living proof of the Internet's power to shrink the world.)

MEDLINEplus (Finding information on hundreds of diseases, conditions, and wellness issues)

MEDWEB (MedWeb, is a catalog of health related web sites, maintained by the Emory Health Sciences Center Library to provide access to biomedical information to improve education, research and patient care.)

NIH Clinical Research Studies Protocol Database (Search the collection of research studies being conducted at the NIH Clinical Center)

Parenting Q&A (All parents have questions, big and small, about their children's behavior, growth and development. Parenting Q&A answers them with the highest-quality information from experts in the field: professionals and parents. Parenting Q&A makes every effort to provide an answer to every question. Parenting Q&A organizes parenting answers in an easy-to-use Web site that offers parents resources, practical tips, and essays on hundreds of topics. Unlike other sites, Parenting Q&A members are guaranteed an answer. If the hundreds of answers online don't help, we'll write you a personal reply from our panel of experts. Parenting Q&A is a site rich with a wide variety of parenting information. It's divided into topics to make it easy to use. You can post questions to experts or chat with other parents)

PediaNet (A Comprehensive Pediatric Health and Information Resource for Parents, Children, and Health Professionals.) [ Growth Development Projector ] [ Communication ] [ Professional Access ][ News and Information ] [ Emergency Alerts ] [ Product Expo ][ Exceptional Parent ] [ The Simple Rx Guide ] [ Product Recalls ][ Search ] [ PediaNet ] [ Kidz Only Club ] (Lots of stuff includes link to "Exceptional Parent")

PDRnet ( is a medical and healthcare Web site created by Medical Economics Company Inc., publisher of healthcare magazines and directories including the PDR (Physicians' Desk Reference), the source trusted by America's physicians for more than 50 years. Information sites for Physicians, for Pharmacists, for Nurses , for Physician Assistants, for Consumers (they have a link to the PDR online, need to do a free registration to use this.)

PubMed (NLM's search service to access the 9 million citations in MEDLINE and Pre-MEDLINE (with links to participating on-line journals), and other related databases.) (My Virtual Reference Desk)

TeachWeb (Annotated search engine of free K-12 lesson plans, resources, news, organizations, books, toys, software, and newsletters for teachers and parents in art, business, computers, English, ESL, foreign languages, health, math, music, science, physical education, teacher education, and social studies. ) (This is actually an education specific search engine!)

United States National Library of Medicine (Welcome to the world's largest medical library and creator of MEDLINE/PubMed)

Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Information

DrugInfoNet (Drug InfoNet is your one-stop WWW site for all your healthcare informational needs. We provide both information and links to areas on the web concerning healthcare and pharmaceutical-related topics. This free service is brought to you to improve your education as consumers and healthcare professionals)

McWhorter School of Pharmacy Global Drug Information Service (Great site with many resources!!)

Medical Equipment & Pharmaceutical Manufacturers ((Alphabetical listing of pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers’ websites. Updated weekly.)

Pharmacy Industry Links (Pharmaceutical industry links is the new portal for the international pharmaceuticals industry.)


RxList - The Internet Drug Index (GREAT site for searching for information on medications etc...)

THE "VIRTUAL" - PHARMACY CENTER Martindale's Health Science Guide A "Medical Multimedia Education and Specialized Information Resource Center". (Just about anything you could want to know about pharmaceuticals will be here!)

Disability News Sources

disAbility Forum (An on-line magazine that covers a wide-range of topics, including drug information, behavioral health, legal and advocacy topics, non-medical therapies, and reader submitted stories and poems.)

Disability Net (A worldwide disability information and news service, offering a wide range of services for everyone with an interest in disability issues.)

Disabilty News Ticker (Disability news headlines from around the world.)

Disability View (The UK's Brightest Disabilities Magazine)

The DRM WebWatcher Disability News

Electric Edge (Disability-rights culture, ideas, revolution, humor ... the best you've known with The Disability Rag, now even better)

News Sources

Associated Press (Major news headlines and background analysis.)

BBC News (One of the best and most comprehensive uk news site from the British Broadcasting Corporation) (Network home page for major news coverage.)
CNN news

Dateline (Program information, transcripts, and video clips from recent segments.)

48 Hours (Video clips and articles on recently aired stories, program information, and contact information for ordering transcripts.)

Fox News (Access to news, business information, sports scores, stats and schedules, and local weather)

Good Morning America (Site index for program including schedules for live web events, multimedia clips of recent airings, and biographical information on show's hosts.)

MSNBC (Continuous coverage of major news stories from NBC.) (Up to date technology news from CNET with quick news bytes as well as full length features (continuous).

NBC television (Online version of Newsweek newsmagazine)

The Online NewsHour: Forum (Reports on issues in depth with relevant links from PBS News Hour. Text material, live RealAudio feeds and special online material. Updated daily.)


PBS News & Views (PBS Online's neighborhood devoted to the best in news programming.)

Reuters News Online

Science Magazine

60 Minutes (Program and contact information, synopses of upcoming and recent programs, and anchors' bios.)

The Television News Archive (The Television News Archive collection at Vanderbilt University is the world's most extensive and complete archive of television news. The collection holds more than 30,000 individual network evening news broadcasts and more than 9,000 hours of special news-related programming.)

Time Magazine (Comprehensive news site featuring the contents of Time's current issue)

The New York Times on the Web

The Today Show (Program information, recent and archived stories, and personal finance, health, and recipe tips.)

The Today Show - News and Background Information (Links to Web sites, articles, chat room, discussion forum, and more for the Today Show.)

20/20 (Access to text of recent highlights and program information.)

USA Today

Search Engines

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Alta Vista
Ask Jeeves
Direct Hit
Go Network
Northern Light
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