Webrings Of Interest

A Celiac World Without Wheat (15 Sites A World Without Wheat is still a beautiful place. Sites of interest & support for Celiacs & those intollerant to wheat.)

All Children Can Learn!! 67 ring sites. Description: (A site containing all of the great sites geared for Special Education Students, as well as Special Education Resource sites and Personal Disability Pages)

Asperger's Webring 30 ring sites. Description: (This webring is for anyone who is touched by Asperger's or related Syndrome. This could be yourself, family member, teacher, case worker, youth worker etc... )

The #AutFriends Autism Support Ring 20 ring sites. Description: (The #AutFriends autism support ring is a ring of web pages by and for persons whose lives are affected by autism. It is affiliated with the #AutFriends IRC channel at irc.chatcircuit.com)

Autism (31 different rings you can go check out)

AutiRing 52 ring sites. Description: (AutiRing is nothing more, nothing less than a collection of homepages of normal, everyday people - people who either have an autistic type condition or are related to someone who does. The purpose of AutiRing is simply to establish an informal community of people dealing with autism on the internet.)

Brighter Futures Web Ring 121 ring sites. Description: (A ring of sites dedicated to promoting brighter futures for children with all types of special needs and disability awareness. Sites may include specific disabilities, as well as support, links, and many more things of interest! We have tears and sorrow, we have joy and happiness and mostly, we have PRIDE! Come visit!)

Celiac Disease Webring 79 ring sites. Description: (Provides information and support for people with Celiac Disease, Dermatitis Herpetiformis and gluten intolerance and resources for living a gluten free lifestyle)

Childhood Disorders Ring (39 sites A place for parents whose children suffer from A.D.D, O.D.D., Autism, Tourettes, Attachement disorders, conduct disorders, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, and various other disorders can come together to spread awareness and education regarding childhood disorders. United we can spread our message and stop the stigma.)

DAWN: Disabilities Awareness Webring Network 158 ring sites. Description: (DAWN: Disabilities Awareness Webring Network is a neighborhood of disabilities-related websites. These can include sites that are about a specific disability, support groups for specific (or general) disabilities, and most importantly - personal home pages by disabled neighbors or their families)

Disabilities (63 different webrings you can go check out)

Disabilities Webring 52 ring sites. Description: (A Webring which is for those that deal with disabilities, either in work, with children, or who has their own disabilities, and have a homepage to install the Webring fragement on.)

Epilepsy Circle of Support 32 ring sites. Description: (Epilepsy Circle of Support invites all sites dealing with epilepsy. This includes parents and caretakers of people who have epilepsy as well sites for children and adults who have epilepsy and associated disabilities. We also welcome sites dealing with the special education and special services related to epilepsy.)

Epilepsy Web Ring 21 ring sites. Description: (The Epilepsy Web Ring is a group of sites for anybody who has a seizure problem, or has a loved one with epilepsy. Generally speaking, the sites are aimed more at people then practitioners Remember one thing about seizures: If you can't laugh at 'em, you can't live with 'em!)

Equine Therapeutic Riding 8 ring sites. Description: (Equine therapeutic riding. Horseback riding therapy for all ages with a physical or mental disability.)

Home Education Special Needs Webring 38 ring sites. Description: (This Webring links sites together that promote and deals with Home Education of children with Special Needs.)

The Homeschool Webring 93 ring sites. Description: (The Homeschool Webring is about bringing together homeschooling families from around the globe...to share how we homeschool, why we homeschool, offer encouragement and support and lend advice. This ring is open to all homeschooling families regardless of religion, political stand, sexual orientation, etc. (This does not mean everyone will be added to the ring--there are always some who don't bother to read the rules before signing up and don't fit the criteria for the ring.)

The Ketogenic Webring 3 ring sites. Description: (The Ketogenic WebRing links significant information resources for the ketogenic diet, a treatment for epilepsy. The ketogenic diet is an established medical alternative to drug treatment, which is particularly appropriate for children. First developed over 70 years ago, the ketogenic diet has recently enjoyed renewed interest, although it is still not widely accepted in medical circles.)

Mitochondrial Web Ring There are currently 13 sites in this ring. Description:(This ring was set up so that people "surfing" the Net can easily find sites dealing with many aspects of the family of Mitochondrial Diseases (including but not limited to CPEO, LHON, MELAS, MERFF, KSS, Pearson's Marrow Syndrome, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, electron transport disorders, oxidative phosphorylation defects and Leigh's just to name a few).

The Neuro Ring 53 ring sites. Description: (The Neuro Ring is a developing collection of Websites that focus primarily on the Neurosciences. This includes Basic Science Research, Clinical Research, Neurology, Behavioral Neurosciences and NeuroComputing. Learn the biological basis of the mind and bodily function control. This ring is destined to provide invaluable educational resources as well as facilitating the Professional's use of the WWW.)

Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Ring 33 ring sites. Description: (This ring contains information regarding Occupational Therapy and rehabilitation. Students, schools, OTRs and COTAs, are encouraged to join. It is designed as a resource for OT practitioners as well as, to inform the public of what Occupational Therapy is.)

PDDNOS Connections 33 ring sites. Description: (This Webring is designed to help people find useful information about Autism/PDD-NOS. Topics include a definition of autism, Pervasive Development Disorder, and related resources. This Webring is helpful for anyone living with, or trying to understand a child with PDD-NOS. )

Ring of Autism 57 ring sites. Description: (A ring to bring together as many parents of Autistic children, Autistic adults or anyone with an interest in Autism as possible for the purpose of sharing information and giving support.)

Ring of Special Needs Children 412 ring sites. Description: (The Special Needs Children's Webring is open to anyone owning or running a webpage that deals with any aspect of raising, treating & Loving special needs children. All diseases, disorders, conditions are covered, or in the process of being covered. Join us in linking, learning and loving our special needs pages)

Speech Therapy 81 ring sites Description: (Speech Therapy, Speech Therapists (SLPs) and their patients. Resources of interest to those groups. Aphasia (aphasic patients), CVA,TBI, CHI)

Special Angels Webring 162 ring sites. Description: (A comprehensive ring covering all kinds of Special Needs Children. Some topics covered: Athsma, Down Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Speech and Language Delay, Leukemia, Cancer, Support Groups, Chats. Special Kids Pen Pals. A wealth Of Information And Great People!)