On this page you will find all kinds of great resources for Communication, Assistive Technology and Augmentive Communication. They were simply all getting to large and needed their own page! Hope you find some really helpful stuff here.

Assistive Technology Resources

Augmentive Communication


Miscellaneous Sites


Angel Speaks Communication Products (Our Mission is to explore, research and develop alternative inexpensive ways for the non-verbal and partially non-verbal community to communicate in the verbal world.)

A Speech Dynamics Web Site (Here you will find SDI's unique selection of proven, practical and relevant products and educational programs to enhance your Oral-Motor Therapy plus dozens of new items.We develop and select products and programs  that are geared to help you, the speech pathologist, discover solutions and realize results.They're all specific to oral-motor therapy.)

Carols Speech and Language Homepage (Hi! My name is Carol Casserly and I'm a speech/language specialist. I hope that if you are a speech/language specialist, a person with a speech or language disorder, or a parent of someone with a speech or language disorder you will find a lot of useful information here. I'm always adding new links, so stop by often)

Caroline Bowen PhD SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST (Caroline Bowen PhD is an Australian Speech-Language Pathologist. Her clearly written, user-friendly and regularly updated WEB SITE provides theoretically sound information for families, students and SLP professionals about speech, language, voice, fluency and pragmatic disorders in children. Throughout the site, fact is clearly differentiated from opinion. Caroline includes a lot of information about her research interest of developmental phonological disorders, a question and answer section for non speech language pathologists about phonological and articulation disorders and dyspraxia , and extensive links to other sites.)

Communication Strategies for Children With Autism "Augmentive Communication Specialist"Through years of teaching, extensive research and publishing, and work with Universities, public school systems, and organizations, I am a strong believer in the benefit of meaningful, contextually based instruction for individuals with autism. Visual language and augmentative communication systems for individuals with pervasive developmental disorders and autism represent both a legitimate language system and an effective strategy for communication. This web site is being developed for the purposes of providing a helpful information resource, as well as information about the work I have done and services I offer.

Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (General Information for Parents)

Do To Learn (A web site for those with special learning needs. Why? Life can be challenging, especially for those who see the world in a different way. This site provides information and special learning tools for anyone having difficulty understanding, ordering and functioning in our world. We have planned our activities to help children and adults with diagnosed disorders such as autism, LD or ADD. These activities may also benefit anyone learning basic language and daily living skills, including young children. Our site is designed to allow those with special needs to Do activities in a safe, planned way and To Learn at their own pace.) (You are going to LOVE THIS SITE!)

DRM WebWatcher:Sign Language (Interested in sign language? Here are some great resources about American Sign Language (ASL), as well as other forms of sign language around the world.)

Dyspraxia Can We Talk? (Developmental Apraxia of Speech and Related Issues) (this is an informative site made by parents of a five year old with developmental apraxia, worth a look see!)

Ed Chapman's Speech and Developmental Delays Page (Here is some useful information, links, and mailing lists for parents on speech delays and developmental delays) (this site has many helpful links: includes the "Speech and Language Milestones Gard, Gilman, and Gorman (1993)(A good all around site)

Hyperlexia Web Site (The American Hyperlexia Association is a non-profit organization comprised of parents and relatives of children with hyperlexia, speech and language professionals, education professionals, and other concerned individuals with the common goal of identifying hyperlexia, promoting and facilitating effective teaching techniques both at home and at school, and educating the general public as to the existence of the syndrome called hyperlexia)

Kaufman Childrens Center For Speech and Language Disorders We specialize in Preschool and early elementary-aged children Apraxia of speech in children Pervasive Developmental Disorders * Autism * PDD NOS * Asperger's Syndrome * Hyperlexia Receptive Language Disorders * Auditory Processing Disorders * Aphasia *ADD * PDD * Landau-Kleffner Expressive Language Disorders * Dysnomia *Formulation Disorders * Morphology * Pragmatics * Symantics * Syntax  Other typical speech and language disorders seen in this age group. (has monthly language activities, check it out!)

Kids Fonts! (We are a new site dedicated to bringing do-it-yourself supplies to teachers of toddler-Kindergarten age children. Whether you're homeschooling, or are just tired of the prepackaged worksheets available to early-childhood educators, Kids Fonts is here to help! Scroll down to see what we currently have available, and to tell us what you'd like to see in the future.All fonts are TrueType, Mac & Windows versions available.) (I think this a GREAT free resource to download a "tracing" dot to dot type of print font for kids of all abilities to practice writing letters!)

Learning Fundamentals (This site features software developed by Marna Scarry-Larkin, MA, CCC-SLP.Elizabeth Price, MA, CCC-SLP was the lead developer of Phonology. This software is appropriate for use by speech pathologists, educators, neuropsychologists, occupational therapists, speech aides, and parents.The software can be used by both children and adults. It assists the therapists in habilitation and rehabilitation of a wide variety of speech, communication, and cognitive impairments.)

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes (Lindamood-Bell® has pioneered programs to develop the sensory cognitive processes that underlie reading, spelling, language comprehension, math, and visual motor skills. Our research-based programs are for individuals ranging from severely learning disabled to academically gifted–ages 5 years through adult. It is our mission to maximize the potential of every person to reason and communicate; we meet our goals with intelligence, integrity, and humor.)

National Speech/Language Therapy Center (National Speech/Language Therapy Center is a family-oriented practice specializing in treating speech, language, reading and math difficulties in children, using the most advanced programs available. Our trained professionals help children who have language and learning difficulties, ranging from mild to severe.)

Net Connections for Communication Disorders and Sciences (Judith Kuster is an American Speech-Language and Hearing Association certified speech-language pathologist, an associate professor in the Department of Communication Disorders and Speech Clinic Director at Minnesota State University, Mankato)

NLD Online (Nonverbal Learning Disorders ) (national and international NLD database in order to network parents, NLD adults and professionals.  Educating the caregivers and associates of individuals with NLD is the prime goal of this website; next is the desire to network those interested in NLD.  With these goals comes the desire to gain recognition, understanding and accommodations for this often misunderstood learning disability)

Piaget: Concepts before words; and Egocentric Speech before social speech

Picture Exchange Communication System (Pyramid Educational Products is dedicated to providing educational materials to ensure that families, educators and students have the materials needed to use communication skills in their everyday  schedules and lives. We continue to develop products that  will enrich not only the student's lives but also the lives  of those who have dedicated their lives to  teaching these students.)

Pyramid Education Consultants Inc. Home Page (PECs communication, must see for nonverbal children! Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. offers a variety of training opportunities and products that focus on the initiation of communication and the design of effective educational environments utilizing structural and instructional elements. We present a unique blend of broad spectrum applied behavior analysis in conjunction with the development of functional communication skills - emphasizing the individual needs of each child. We are the premier source of training for the Picture Exchange Communication System)

speakingofspeech.com (speakingofspeech.com is an interactive forum for speech/language pathologists and teachers to improve communication skills in our schools by: * exchanging ideas, techniques, and lessons that work, * finding out about materials before you buy, * seeking and giving advice on therapy and caseload management issues, and * exploring a myriad of helpful resource links. All school-based speech/language pathologists are encouraged to contribute to this site's growing knowledge base. In addition, SLPs in research and clinical settings, regular and special education teachers, parents, and students who have special needs are invited to take ideas from this site as well as share their own insights and perspectives. Please share this web address with all friends and colleagues who are interested in the speech and language development of children, and bookmark speakingofspeech.com as one of your favorite sites. Visit the site often to check out the new information that is added daily. Your active involvement in this site will make speakingofspeech.com a useful, dynamic resource for all!) Look at links and resources, check out "This Works For Me."

The Speech and Language Corner A Place for School-Based SLP's to Share

Speech and Communication in Children

Speech and Language Disorders (What follows is the beginning of a library of pointers to resources and information on the Internet relevant to speech-language disorders and differences.)

Speechfun (Parents - Special Education Teachers - Regular Education Teachers– Speech Pathologists - Occupational Therapists and - Behavior Therapists working with children with Autism, Developmental Delays, Speech-Language Deficits and Reading Delays. You are invited to view and print out as many activities as you like….FREE , FREE , FREE)

Talk, Learn and Communicate Visually Cued Instruction

The Unicorn Children's Foundation (Addressing the epidemic of children identified with communication and learning disorders.)

University of Michigan Autism and Communications Disorder Clinic

Assistive Technology Resources


Apple Computer's Disability Connection (This site provides information on adaptations for Macintosh computers.   They also have an extensive shareware library for downloading software.)

Assistive Technology Educational Network (ATEN) (The mission of the Assistive Technology Educational Network (ATEN) is to assist in the enhancement of student outcomes through the provision of information, training, and technical support in the area of assistive technology. ATEN provides services to students, family members, teachers, and other professionals throughout Florida's public school system. ATEN's professional staff includes educators, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists.) (I can never get through to this darn site, always get a connection timed out alert!)

Alliance for Technology Access (ATA is "a network of community-based resource centers dedicated to providing information and support services to children and adults with disabilities, and increasing their use of standard, assistive, and information technologies. Centers can be found all across the country." Links to 60 vendors of adaptive equipment, FAQ, web accessible design, success stories, related WWW sites.)

Assistive Technology-Disabilities (Site designed to assist educators with understanding assistive technology and the requirements under Iowa law, will be useful to others dealing with the same subject matter. General information about various types of assistive technologies, links to other WWW sites and vendors.)

THE CENTER FOR TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION (CTE improves the quality of life of children and youth with special needs through teaching, research, and leadership in the use of technology)

Center for Applied Special Technology CAST (Founded in 1984, CAST is an educational, not-for-profit organization that uses technology to expand opportunities for all people, including those with disabilities. The following sections explain CAST's mission and goals, accomplishments, staff, board, and describe opportunities for Web visitors to support CAST's work.)

Closing The Gap (Computers are tools that can provide solutions to many problems facing people with disabilities today. Closing The Gap, Inc. is an organization that focuses on computer technology for people with special needs through its bi-monthly newspaper, annual international conference and extensive web site. Published six times a year, the Closing The Gap newspaper highlights hardware and software products appropriate for people with special needs, and explains how this technology is being implemented in education, rehabilitation, and vocational settings around the world.)

Dear Parents, Sound Advice on Learning and Technology (You are your child's first teacher and an important influence throughout his or her school years. As a parent, you want to help your child succeed and you may have questions about how you can most effectively do that. We have learned a great deal about how children learn--and how to help them--over the past 27 years. The Dear Parents site is an opportunity for us to share what we've learned with a community of caring parents.)

EASI Equal Assess to Software and Information (EASI MISSION: EASI's mission is to serve as a resource to the education community by providing information and guidance in the area of access-to-information technologies by individuals with disabilities. We stay informed about developments and advancements within the adaptive computer technology field and spread that information to colleges, universities, K-12 schools, libraries and into the workplace. Our supporters and friends comprise people from colleges, universities, businesses and other institutions. They include computing staff, disabled student services staff, faculty, administrators, vendors, representatives of professional associations, private consultants, heads of both non-profit and for-profit organizations, faculty and staff from K-12 schools, and students. )

Exceptional Computing (Exceptional Computing a unique company, supporting the assistive technology needs of the challenged. Our unique characteristic is to serve as your personal link between the products (manufacturer) and you the end user. By giving you service that cannot be equaled by anyone else in the "chain". We have deliberately keep Exceptional Computing small to meet the individual needs of our customers.)

Family Guide to Assistive Technology (Prepared By: Parents, Let's Unite for Kids (PLUK)

Massachusetts Assistive Technology Partnership

National Assistive Technology Research Institute (NATRI's mission is threefold:1. To conduct research related to the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of assistive technology (AT) services in schools, 2. To identify promising practices in the delivery of AT services, and 3. To disseminate research findings and information about promising practices in ways that will assist school personnel to develop or improve AT policies and practices for students with disabilities.) ( They have a " Assistive Technology Planner From IEP Consideration to Classroom Implementation")

National Associations for Special Education Administration

NARIC (Funded by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research) (NIDRR)

National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education Through Technology Media and Materials (The National Center to Improve Practice (NCIP), located at Education Development Center, Inc., was funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs from 1992-1998 to promote the effective use of technology to enhance educational outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive, physical and social/emotional disabilities.) (Really great site, a must see!)

The New England Assistive Technology Marketplace (This is the place to come for equipment that makes life more accessible. At NEAT, you can try it, buy it, or donate it.)

Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America - RESNA

RESNA Technical Assistance (TA) Project (The RESNA Technical Assistance (TA) Project provides information and consultation to assistive technology programs in states and territories funded under the Technology-Related Assistance For Individuals With Disabilities Act as amended. RESNA Technical Assistance Project activities are aimed at facilitating efforts of the nationwide assistive technology programs to reduce barriers to the acquisition of assistive technology devices and services by individuals with disabilities.)

Selected Links to Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication Resources for Children with Disabilities (Compiled by Linda Burkhart)

Selected Resources (Selected Vendors and Manufacturers with annotations and links, Selected Books on Augmentative Communication and Adaptive Play, Selected Organizations and Publications. Compiled by Linda J. Burkhart)

Simplified Technology For Children With Disabilities

Technology and Media Division of the Council for Exceptional Children (Technology Integration. Using Technology as a Tool for Education and Communication)

Technology Integration in Education

Tools For Life (Tools for Life increases access to appropriate assistive technology devices and assistive technology services for all Georgians with disabilities so they can live, learn, work, and play independently in communities of their choice.)

Trace Center (The Trace Center has been widely regarded for many years as the leading research, development, and resource center in the area of access to computers by people with disabilities. Over the last several years, the Trace Center has also become well recognized for its work in disability access and universal design of the World Wide Web, information transaction machines, and telecommunications

Augmentive Communication

ACI Augmentative Communication Inc. (Augmentative Communication Inc. (ACI) publishes resources that help keep busy professionals and individuals with complex communication needs up-to-date on important developments in Augmentative and Alternative Communication. ACI is also a partner with the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Communication Enhancement)

Ashley's Mom (In keeping with the spirit of the "mother of invention," Ashley's Mom, Inc. was "born" out of necessity for finding creative ways to provide meaningful education for children with multiple disabilities.) (Great stuff check her out!)

Attainment Company (An Absolute MUST SEE for inexpensive talking augmentive communication devices!!) They have many neat things on their site.

ASEL: Augmentative Communication Research (The latest reasearch on AAC being conducted at Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories, a program jointly operated by the duPont Hospital for Children and the University of Delaware. The ASEL focuses on research and development, as well as public policy and systems change, relating to the use of advanced rehabilitation and assistive technology.)

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Connecting Young Kids (YAACK) (Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Connecting Young Kids (YAACK) is a website that covers issues related to AAC and young children. Its purpose is to provide information and guidance to families, teachers, speech/language pathologists and anyone else who is involved with a child with special communication needs.)

UCPnet Understanding Disabilities, Creating Opportunities (This site contains issues related to funding for augmentaive devices and assistive technology. Included are overviews of Medicaid funding and funding case decision reports. A description of "common excuses" for refusal of funding and responses to them is another highlight. Information on SSI also included) (This is the United Cerebral Palsy site and has some good information including information on augmentive communication devices funding)

The Barkley Augmentative and Alternative Communication Center (The Barkley Augmentative and Alternative Communication Center is supported in part by the Barkley Trust, Augmentative and Alternative Communication Leadership Grant H029D80046 from the U.S. Department of Education, and the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center funded by the National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research, U.S. Department of Education.  The Barkley Augmentative and Alternative Communication Center is one of five core areas with the Barkley Communication Disorders Technology Institute, a "Center of Excellence" at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.) (Site is a great source for AAC messaging and vocabulary, demographic information of ACC users, vendor information and ACC terminology.)

Dear Parents, Sound Advice on Learning and Technology (You are your child's first teacher and an important influence throughout his or her school years. As a parent, you want to help your child succeed and you may have questions about how you can most effectively do that. We have learned a great deal about how children learn--and how to help them--over the past 27 years. The Dear Parents site is an opportunity for us to share what we've learned with a community of caring parents.)

Links to sites about symbols (Widgit Software. Software solutions for inclusion.) (Check it out!)

News for You (This is a really cool weekly newspaper for augmentative communication users as well as emergent readers. Communication symbols are used along with the text to allow symbol users an opportunity to read the news. Stories are simplified and easy for children to understand. You pay a yearly subscription fee, and then you will be able to download the issues from the Web site. Each issue has 3-4 pages of current events, a craft or recipe, a joke, and an activity page that relates to the week's lead story)

Picture Exchange Communication System (Pyramid Educational Products is dedicated to providing educational materials to ensure that families, educators and students have the materials needed to use communication skills in their everyday  schedules and lives. We continue to develop products that  will enrich not only the student's lives but also the lives  of those who have dedicated their lives to  teaching these students.)

Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. (Pyramid offers a wide range of consulting services and products for educators and parents of children and adults with autism and related disabilities. Pyramid is a consortium of highly trained professionals in the field of autism dedicated to providing the highest quality care.) (Site for PEC's)

StartWrite (StartWrite Handwriting Software. With StartWrite you just Type it... Print it...Trace it... in DOT fonts. It's that simple. It's that powerful! StartWrite is now available with three (3) manuscript fonts. Manuscript (Zaner-Bloser),Modern Manuscript (D'Nealian), and italic (Getty-Dubay).

Technology Resources for Early Childhood Educators (This section contains dowloadable files for use with Boardmaker, Intellitools programs and overlays ready made for the Voice in the Box. You will also find links to the manufacturers of the equipment needed to use these files. They are all ready to use activities for a regular or special preschool classroom.)

www.augcomm.com (This site was developed by Barbara Couse Adams at Computer Options for the Exceptional. Barb is a speech-language pathologist with over 12 years of experience with assistive technology and augmentative communication.Barb designed this site to be your single AugCom resource on the net. The information will be updated regularly so be sure to book-mark this site and visit it frequently. It contains the following information: * a comprehensive listing of all the augmentative communication systems available today, * links to their manufacturers' web site, * up-to-date industry news, * links to other important augcom sites, * a link to Needs First.)

Miscellaneous Sites

Academic Software, Inc.
ALVA Access Group, Inc.
Apple Computer, Inc.  
Assistive Technology, Inc.
Broderbund   (Now part of the Learning Company) 
Don Johnston, Inc. 
Dragon Systems, Inc.
Enabling Devices/Toys for Special Children 
Exceptional Computing 
IBM Independence Series Products    
Infogrip, Inc.    
Intelligent Peripheral Devices    
IntelliTools, Inc.    
Judy Lynn Software 
Kurzweil Educational Systems    
Madenta Communications Inc.   
Mayer-Johnson Co.     
Special Needs Project  Worldwide  
Orcca Technologies  
Prentke Romich Company    
RJ Cooper and Associates  
Roger Wagner Publishing